About Us


Stallings Construction, Inc. has created solid, beautiful structures along the Wasatch Front as a general contractor for the better part of a century.  The company was founded in 1951 by Charles and Rex Stallings (a father and son team) and was known, at the time, as Stallings & Stallings Construction.  The company was later incorporated as Stallings Construction, Inc.

Involved in commercial construction since the early days, the company takes great pride in legions of satisfied clients years after the projects have been completed.  Stallings is agile enough to excel in a wide range of projects – both large and small construction ventures.

Statement of Qualifications

Since its founding, Stallings Construction, Inc. has maintained an enviable reputation of reliable quality in Utah’s construction industry.

Stallings is literally built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, value, and efficiency and the company has grown to become a top local builder, specializing in commercial projects.

Our Team

Because many team members have grown up in the construction industry, the Stallings Construction organization features seasoned leadership and extensive experience.

The superintendant team averages more than 20 years of construction management experience and most have been with Stallings Construction for their entire career.  Each is keenly aware of the standards of quality and safety that have come to define a Stallings construction project.

Primary Areas of Expertise and Experience

Stallings Construction specializes in small to mid-sized commercial construction projects.  Some of Stallings’ best work is found in churches, schools, government buildings, offices, warehouses, and banks.  This includes new construction, seismic upgrades, tenant improvements, remodels and additions all around Utah.

Track Record

Stallings Construction is very proud of an extensive track record of completing projects on time and on budget.  Through many decades in business, Stallings has never failed to deliver on either of these two objectives.  Furthermore, no surety company has ever had to complete work assigned to Stallings Construction or pay a claim because of a dissatisfied owner.  Top priority is placed on resolving any potential conflicts before they escalate to a courtroom.

Due to a history of quality and efficiency, Stallings establishes long-term relationships with clients, including a half-century relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Building Department.  Stallings is a pre-qualified builder with the church and has entered into a “partnered” status with the church on many projects.  Long-standing relationships, such as this one, help demonstrate the confidence that a vast number of owners have placed in Stallings Construction and its ability to deliver quality.

Commitment to Quality

The authentic mark of quality workmanship can be found in the buildings that Stallings has constructed for countless satisfied owners and stakeholders.  Stallings Construction earned a reputation for going above and beyond “satisfactory” to provide appealing, functional structures that last.